SMART SOLUTIONS ROM is more than a machine builder. Specialized in cleaning, unblocking, inspecting and locating. Approved and certified for quality, safety, working conditions, environment and sustainability. ROM SMARTCOMBI PRO The revolutionary functions of the ROM SmartCombi PRO jet-vac truck will make your suction and cleaning operations even easier. Read More



PT. DAYA CITRA JAYA is a highly specialized company, licensed, and appointed by European Manufacturers which allows us to supply equipment such as; sewer jetting, flushing, cleaning, pumps, and detection devices for identifying problem areas/inner piping. We supply and service various sectors throughout SE Asia. Our products and services are used & well established within city and state, provincial and municipal governments.

Feature Products

ROM 900 CleaningTrailer

Stylish design, superior user-friendliness, distinguishes it self from all other sewer cleaning trailers.

ROM EcoNomic

The EcoNomic is equipped as standard with a pivoting hydraulically-driven high-pressure reel.

ROM Combi 3500/1000/85

Ideally suitable for the unblocking, cleaning and maintenance of drainage and sewer

ROM SmartCombi

Specially designed for suction, spraying activities, cleaning domestic connections and municipal

ROM SmartCombi PRO

Combines a high-pressure and vacuum unit, max. cleaning pressure of 200 bar, water capacity of

BeachTech Marina

The self-propelled BeachTech Marina sets standards when it comes to agility, manoeuvrability

BeachTech 3000

The BeachTech 3000 beach cleaner is used for cost-effective and efficient cleaning of large

ROM SmartCombi PRO

Combination Vacuum & Jetting Unit (Jet-Vac)

Combines a high-pressure and vacuum unit and has a maximum cleaning pressure of 200 bar and a water capacity of 100 l/min. With a 3,000-litre tank (or optionally 4,000 litres), the SmartCombi PRO is ideal for unblocking/cleaning domestic connections and sewers up to Ø600 mm and the emptying of grease traps and flooded basements.

Attractive promotions ROM Sewer machines

Take advantage of spectacular benefits on our promotional models now. We can supply ROM sewer cleaning machines, and you can benefit from savings of up to thousands of Dollars.

This applies to sewer cleaning trailers, built-in sewer cleaning units and sewer combos. All promotional models are fully equipped so you can get started immediately. Would you like to find out more?

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