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Reel and unreel remotely

A wireless remote control allows you to work more efficiently, ergonomically and safely with a sewer cleaning machine. Using a remote control has many advantages, such as one-man operation, more freedom of movement, reduced risk of physical injury, and no unnecessary wear on your machine. With our professional remote and heavy duty remote control (pictured), you can now also reel and unreel the high-pressure hose remotely. Walking back and forth to operate the reel is a thing of the past. And this

Disinfectant cleaner

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 (CoronaVirus Disease-2019), there has been an effort to find a medicine and a vaccine. And that’s not all. Globally, people are also looking for solutions to clean (public) spaces properly, quickly and safely. For example: offices, shops, vehicles, warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals and venues for sports and entertainment. A really good cleaning solution wasn’t available before now. But that’s about to change! The ROM eSTEAM, in combination with a unique cleaning agent called “Cee-Bee A-18S DE Disinfectant