ROM 900 CleaningTrailer

Stylish design, superior user-friendliness, distinguishes it self from all other sewer cleaning trailers.

ROM EcoNomic

The EcoNomic is equipped as standard with a pivoting hydraulically-driven high-pressure reel.

ROM Combi 3500/1000/85

Ideally suitable for the unblocking, cleaning and maintenance of drainage and sewer

ROM SmartCombi

Specially designed for suction, spraying activities, cleaning domestic connections and municipal

ROM SmartCombi PRO

Combines a high-pressure and vacuum unit, max. cleaning pressure of 200 bar, water capacity of

BeachTech Marina

The self-propelled BeachTech Marina sets standards when it comes to agility, manoeuvrability

BeachTech 3000

The BeachTech 3000 beach cleaner is used for cost-effective and efficient cleaning of large